What To Do When Feeling Frustrated

Is it me, or is it them?

As a driven sales professional, I occasionally experience frustrations. If I experience them long enough I start to wonder, is it me or is it “them”?

The “them” can represent a few different things. I start asking myself, “Is it the product, is it the customer, maybe the territory…or could it be something more sinister? Like, me maybe?!” Here’s where self doubt sneaks in.

Emotion clouds my perspective, especially frustration. I will then be tempted to focus on the negative, find fault and make a decision based on feelings (which, just fyi are not facts). Is any of this sounding familiar to you? Do you ever wonder what to do when you are feeling frustrated?

Here are a few key things that have helped me to keep a level head, so maybe it could help you too:

  1. Make a decision. When you are clear and strong, write out your goals and plan of attack and make a decision on when you will reevaluate. When we make impulse decisions it’s typically driven by some sort of fear. Fear is a dangerous emotion for a sales rep. It will rob you of your positive beliefs and lead to a self fulfilling prophecy of negativity. Like the old saying goes, what we think about we bring about. My favorite acronym for fear is “false evidence appearing real”. I certainly do not want to make decisions about my career or finance based on false evidence.
  2. Commit Daily. Every morning take a few minutes to set your intention for the day. Look at the goals you have set for your self and focus on why you are doing all this. We eat daily, we shower daily (I hope) and we sleep daily. Why wouldn’t we do the same for our business? Take the time to develop good mental habits that support your bottom line.
  3. Celebrate progress. One of the greatest predictors of success is one’s belief that what they do has an effect on the outcome. What we focus on tends to magnify. Sometimes when striving toward a goal it’s tempting to see how far we have to go still. Peace of mind comes from measuring how far you have come. And lets face it, when we feel like we’re winning, it can inspire us to take more action.
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