The Sales Slump: How to get off the hamster wheel

I have at times, felt like a hamster on a wheel. Not the cute and funny kind of hamster, but the super busy & not going anywhere kind. In retrospect it’s funny, but not when you’re in the middle of it.

As I sat in the middle of the worst sales slump in my career, I looked at others around me raking in the commissions and honestly, I felt a little sick. So now what? My choices, as I saw it, were to double down or start looking for another opportunity. As tempting as it was, sitting here in Silicon Valley, recruiters reaching out to me almost daily, I felt like leaving would be “quitting 5 minutes before the miracle” as they say.

Interestingly enough, the company I worked for has a big data offering that profiles stats such as how many reps make quota their first year vs their second year. No surprise, all the money is made in the second year. So the question becomes, what do you do to keep going during these times?

There several things I do to keep myself making the calls, sending the emails and putting in the hours.

  1. Morning Prep – Get my mind & heart right. I start my day with some meditation and read some inspirational material to stay focused on exactly why I’m doing what I’m doing. It helps me focus on my goals and recharge. One of my favorite quotes is “If you want something different, you have to do something different.”
  2. Gratitude List – It’s important to have an attitude of gratitude. Its also been said that what you “thank about” you bring about. I want to stay grateful and continue to attract goodness into my life.
  3. To Do Lists – Every day I create a list of priorities that I keep in a notebook. I love to cross things off the list, but it also helps me take care of things that might otherwise slip through the cracks.
  4. Education –  I set aside time every day to learn something new that will help me become valuable to those I would work with, sell to or help in some way.
  5. Service & Community – Shawn Achor wrote a book “The Happiness Advantage”. In his book he talks about the single biggest predictor to happiness & success is a support network. By being part of a community, you get the experience of belonging, being valued and receiving support in difficult times.

Sounds like a lot, right? Its interesting how quickly these habits become automatic and effortless. In the tough times, it really helps to take a step back and contemplate your bigger purpose.


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