Steve Browne – A $400K Check, The Crystal Ball, & The Month Long Standoff

SP002 – Steve Browne – A $400K Check, The Crystal Ball, & The Month Long Standoff

Oh yeah, this guy is a little crazy… 😉

This is a conversation with Steve Browne and yours truly. Steve has been a successful Account Executive in high tech for about 30 years. In this interview, we discuss:

  • How he went to extreme lengths to get the biggest deal of his career
  • The crazy good line he uses to break the ice & put the prospect at ease
  • Tactics that turn skeptical and resistant prospects into cooperative customers

We also discuss his book, “Traction” that was taught at a Stanford Business School class. It reveals:

  • The three questions he uses to qualify deals
  • The 10 steps of the sales cycle
  • How to turn your pipeline spreadsheet into a crystal ball (aka the art of forecasting)

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Show Notes:

The data storage rep who landed Twitter [2:35]

Steve’s big AOL $7.5M win [4:25]

Month long “sitting” contest [7:51]

Cabellas $300K blizzard story [11:38]

The drug mule story [13:04]

Biggest commission check ever – $400k [15:00]

The Oracle rep who bought a beach house [16:24]

Good luck vs Bad luck [18:15]

What we’re really in this for [19:30]

The best opening line [21:45]

Overcoming sales resistance [25:12]

When & how to listen [30:00]

What’s in it for me? [31:00]

The crystal ball-3 questions to manage your time [34:35]

Why buy now? [40:00]

Optimist vs Realist [44:00]

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