Patrick Blahosky – A $2.5M Deal, Guiding Principles to Success, and Breaking the Internet

Patrick Blahosky – A $2.5M Deal, Guiding Principles to Success, and Breaking the Internet

Patrick Blahosky has been a high tech sales rep since 1996 and has consistently been a top producer. During the time I worked with Patrick at HP, I was in a unique position to observe how he successfully ran his business and how he had a ton of fun doing it.

In this conversation, Patrick shares about the training he got at the beginning of his career, details of a $2.5M deal, and the guiding principles that have kept him a top sales rep for the last two decades.

Patrick also shares some practical strategies including:

  • How to provide value to customers and become a trusted advisor
  • Ways to manage difficult customers and complex deals
  • The skill set required for effective customer presentations

If you only have 5 minutes, you have to hear this story: *[25:08] $10M Sale = Worst website crash in history

I feel fortunate to have had such a great mentor in Patrick. I have called on my friend to share his thoughts on what has made him successful so that you can do the same.

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Book Recommendations:

The Phoenix Project, Gene Kim

Spin Selling Training

Dale Carnegie Training

Show notes:

[3:12] Patrick’s background

[5:00] Dale Carnegie Training success story

[7:00] What to look for in a company when searching for your next career opportunity

[9:04] The importance of finding a good mentor

[12:00] Having a good team

[13:28] SaaS vs Perpetual, $2.5M deal

[17:40] Long term customer relationships

[19:30] Challenging customers

[23:35] Make yourself valuable to the customer

*[25:08] $10M Sale = Worst website crash in history

[27:00] Guiding values

[29:00] End of the year karma

[31:00] Rapid fire questions

[33:30] Staying current – Industry Trends & Networking

[36:15] Actual Goals & Activities

[38:00] Advise to younger self

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