Chris Sullivan – A $3M Big Win Story, The Confidence Transformation Process and Getting Ahead

Chris Sullivan has been in high tech sales in Silicon Valley for more than 25 years.  In his current role as Director of Sales and Marketing, Chris contributes in a player / coach role. He has some very interesting methods to help his sales rep improve their presentation skills, build confidence and resolve hidden fears that may be holding them back. Over the last 18 months, they have implemented new training that has significantly increased sales.

In this episode Chris shares:

  • A $3M Big Win
  • Chris’ Scary Confidence Building Exercise
  • Tactics for Increasing motivation

If you only have 5 minutes, this is a must listen: *[18:40] The 8 c’s Process – Resolving fears


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Books & Resources:

David Allen, Getting Things Done – Twitter @gtdtimes

Dick Schwartz (Richard) & IFS, The Center for Self Leadership

Sigmund Freud – Sub personalities


Show notes:

[1:25] Intro to Chris

[4:30] Role of Inside Sales in 2016

[7:00] $3M Big win story

[9:45] Fun part of the win

[11:30] Acknowledging the wins

[14:20] Sales mindset

[16:08] Dealing with procrastination

[18:00] Mental framing for success

*[18:40] The 8 c’s Process – Resolving fears

[24:00] Landmark results of new practices

[25:00] Building confidence

[28:50] How to make them promote you

[36:00] Learning from losses

[37:44] Rapid fire questions


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