Robert Hemeryck – An 8 Figure Security Deal, Cash & Prizes, and Closed Door Decisions

This is a special 2 part podcast with Robert Hemeryck.

Find out what makes Robert different from other high tech sales reps. Robert has been in sales since 1996 and has consistently been a top producer. His current role is an Enterprise Security Sales Specialist at Oracle.

Highlights of this conversation include:

  • An 8 figure deal & 2 year sales cycle
  • The advice to his younger self
  • What you can do to differentiate yourself

In this conversation, Robert goes into detail about one of the largest deals he closed, which also happens to be one of the largest security deals at Oracle. With 20+ years of experience, Robert is working in strategic accounts with long sales cycles and dealing with multiple decision makers, all with their own agenda.

Robert also shares some practical strategies including:

  • How to ask hard questions
  • Heat mapping to find influencers
  • Dealing with frustration

If you only have five minutes, this is a must hear:

*[15:00] What Rob does differently

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Show notes:

[1:55] Details of a huge complex deal – 8 figure license deal

[4:05] Dealing with frustration

[6:35] Changing scope of deal vs gaining buy off

[8:20] Deal tipping points

[9:45] Closed door decisions

[11:00] Changing landscape of security

[11:30] Celebrating the win

*[15:00] What Rob does differently

[16:00] Heat mapping exercise

[24:30] What he wishes he knew in the beginning

[25:30] Qualifying questions Rob uses

[30:00] Understanding customer’s goals

[32:00] Identifying & utilizing org chart









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