Amy Rueda – A $400K Deal, Mentorship, and Reaching the C-level

In this episode, I speak with Amy Rueda about how she got her start in sales, how she moved into a field role and some of her most value lessons learned along her career path. Over her 23 year career in sales, Amy has achieved many awards and traveled all over on President’s Clubs and Winner’s Circles. She has successfully navigated the corporate world and is now a field rep at Gartner. Amy has a very intense schedule, but still manages to make time to give back and mentor others who are up and coming.

Highlights of this conversation include:

  • Team Deal Reviews
  • How to Reach C-Level Executives
  • Whitespace Exercises & Strategic Account Planning

If you only have five minutes, this is a must hear:

*[22:00] Advice to younger self


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Show notes:

[2:23] Path to the field

[7:30] Position your offer

[8:30] Strategic Selling

[10:15] Whitespace & Account Planning

[13:45] Team Coaching Calls

[15:30] Time Management

[19:00] Productivity Tools *This was removed per Gartner’s request that they do not promote products they use internally

[20:30] Activity vs Productivity

*[22:00] Advise to younger self

[26:30] Starting a skin care line


Resources & Recommendations:

*All mentions of tool used by Gartner have been removed by Amy’s request

Authentic Skin Remedies



Lean In

Strategic Selling


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