Michael Zuber – Effects of Life Changing Money, Getting a C-Level Meeting, and Going it Alone

Michael Zuber has been in high tech sales since the late 90’s. While he has held positions from Solutions Consultant to Sales Director, he has spent the majority of his time in a sales leadership roles, including VP of Sales at HP. Michael is a prolific writer and at the time of this interview, he has 74 articles posted on LinkedIn, which are largely focused on sales performance and sales operations. Over the last 25+ years, Michael has worked with thousands of sales reps and has seen the good, the bad and the amazing.

In this conversation, Michael shares about his role in 50-75 deals where the sales rep received “life changing money”, which is defined as $1,000,000 or more. The surprising truth that is revealed about a person’s character, is often revealed when commission checks of this size are received. The frank and honest discussion that follows is both a cautionary tale and source for motivation and inspiration.

Equally important, was learning Michael’s perspective on the specific qualities possessed by really extraordinary sales professionals. We dig into some of the personality traits, the mindset, and the strategies that can be emulated by anyone wanting to take their craft to the next level.

Michael also shares some insights and practical strategies including:

  • Coaching sales professionals to 7 figure commission checks
  • How to get a C-level meeting
  • The value of “going it alone” and when do it, and when not to

I feel fortunate to have had such a great mentor in. I have called on my friend to share his thoughts on what has made him successful so that you can do the same.


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If you only have five minutes, this is a must hear: *[16:00] What makes top performers different – Getting the C-level meeting

If you only have five minutes, this is a must hear:

*[16:00] What makes top performers different – Getting the C-level meeting


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MEDDIC Methodology – As explained by Accent’s Sales Enablement Blog

Brian Tracy – LinkedIn Profile


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Show notes:

[2:50] Life changing money stories, for reps, clients and partners

[6:00] Managing emotions over a 2-3 year sale cycle

[13:30] Coaching top performers – Dealing with Slumps

*[16:00] What makes top performers different- Getting the C-level meeting

[24:00] Leverage your extended team to cover more ground

[27:00] Evaluating your next opportunity

[32:40] Motivation: Being coin operated vs being of service

[35:50] Customer success stories

[38:30] Recognition – Celebrating the wins

[41:00] Sales methodology & motivation – MEDDIC & Brian Tracey

[45:00] Effects of life changing money, both good & bad

[48:00] Advise to younger self – Work smarter not harder & how to do it

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