Stu Heinecke – Best Selling Author “How To Get A Meeting with Anyone”

Author "How to Get a Meeting With Anyone"

Stu Heinecke Is a Wall Street Journal cartoonist, Hall of Fame-nominated marketer, best-selling author of “How To Get A Meeting with Anyone” and President of CartoonLink, Inc.d/b/a “Contact.” Dedicated to producing unfair advantages for B2B clients using “Contact Marketing,” a fusion of marketing and sales that supports Account Based Marketing strategies by enabling reps connect with virtually anyone.


In this conversation, Stu shares some great stories of success he has had over the years in sales and marketing, by infusing humor to his unique method of marketing and prospecting.


Stu also shares some practical strategies including:

  • How to turn an adversarial gate keeper into your co-conspirator
  • Create instant report with Executive Assistants
  • How to use contact marketing to change the scale of your career


If you only have 5 minutes, this is a must hear: *[23:00] By far, the 2 best times to email & 2 best times to call the CEO


Thank you to Stu Heinecke for being so generous with insights and strategy to help us all convert authentic connection into life changing events.

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How to get in contact with Stu Heinecke:

LinkedIn – Stu Heinecke

Twitter – @bystuheinecke

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Contact Marketing Radio – – AI Personal Assistant –

For more resources, please visit:

“The Power of Contact Marketing 30 Day Challenge”


Show notes:

[2:25] Stu’s big win story

[6:45] Infusing your unique skill to break through the noise

[8:30] What you do when you only have a few acct

[11:00] How to team up with the Executive Assistants

[12:45] Best opener I’ve ever heard and how to use “Contact”

[21:00] 100% response rates, 75% meeting rates

*[23:00] By far, the 2 best times to email & 2 best times to call the CEO

[27:00] Why not to offer coffee and ask “Can I pick your brain?”

[29:30] “The Power of Contact Marketing” Training with Rod Harrison, CEO NASP – National Association of Sales Professionals

[32:45] AI Assistant – – Meet Amy – Your personal AI scheduling assistant

[35:00] Contact Marketing Radio Show – Available on iTunes Hosted by Stu Heinecke

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