Stories of Success from Sales Super Stars
Stories of Success from Sales Super Stars

Living in Silicon Valley, I’m in a unique position to network with the best sales professionals in the high tech industry. It’s funny how when sales reps get together, the conversation inevitably turns to the folklore of that one friend or former coworker who struck it rich by getting the “Lottery Ticket Account”. The guy or gal who landed Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo or Google when those companies were just startups and got to ride the wave of sales while those companies were growing.

The focus of this podcast is to share some of those fun and amazing stories, but primarily, to deconstruct what makes the highest achievers in the high tech industry different from the average rep. Not just best practices, but really uncover the beliefs, though processes, creativity and character traits that make them wildly successful.

This blog and podcast will be dedicated to you, the hard working, persistent sales rep who is committed to getting better and better every day in every way. This is for those who are willing to go out and make it happen. But we can’t do it alone, nor should we.

Here you find a wealth of support, knowledge, and motivation so you too can go out every day, just a little bit stronger than you were yesterday.

Arlina Allen


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