Justin Barney

An 8 Figure Google Deal, Jumping to Outside Sales, and Surprising CEO Insights

Justin Barney is the President & CEO of ScaleArc, a startup in Silicon Valley that was recently included in the Top 10 Hot Big Data Startups to watch by CIO.com. He is also an investor and advisor to other technology based start ups. Justin shares his experiences from when he was a sales rep, including how he closed an 8 figure deal with Google, and his experiences dealing with sales reps since his move to the CEO role.

In this conversation Justin goes into depth about the dilemma that sales reps face today in this economy of competitive compensation plans, high expectations to make money and the high OTEs offered by public companies. He talks about some of the consequences of pulling the rip cord too soon and the HUGE commissions he would have gladly paid out.

Justin also shares some insights and practical strategies including:

  • What CEO’s are looking for in an interview & what questions to ask (and not ask)
  • What you should look for in a start up
  • How to make the jump from Inside Sale Rep to Outside Field Rep

If you only have five minutes, this is a must hear: *[23:15] Interviewing with the CEO

I am very grateful to Justin for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to share his experiences and success so that we can improve our sales skills and careers. I sincerely hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did!

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Show notes:

[2:05] Big win story – Google, from $200K to $19M

[6:25] Selling into Google

[8:15] How Justin came up through the ranks & what makes a good sales rep

[11:20] What a sales centered start up coulter looks like

[12:30] The challenge of holding onto talented sales reps

[16:00] $350K in unpaid commissions – Why he would rather pay it

[18:00] Go forward strategy & things a rep should look for

*[23:15] Interviewing with the CEO

[34:30] What happens after the interview

[37:10] Advise to those who want to make the jump to a field role