Robert Hemeryck

 Part 2 – Building Credibility, Sneaky Negotiation Skills, and How to Get Promoted


This is part 2 of my interview with Robert Hemeryck. – Highlights include: Building credibility, sneaky negotiation skills, and how to get promoted.

Robert also goes into detail about how he got into sales, the progression of his career and how you can track your metrics in order to advance your deals faster.

If you missed part 1 of this interview, Rob talks about closing an 8 figure deal that took 2 1/2 years to close. Other highlights include:

• How to ask hard questions

• Heat mapping exercise to find influencers

• Dealing with frustration

If you only have 5 minutes today, start here:
*[4:30] Knowing when to say NO to customers


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SPIN Selling – by Neil Packham

Solution Selling – by Michael T. Bosworth

The Challenger Sale – by Matthew Dixon
Show Notes:

[:46] How Rob got into sales

[2:00] Building credibility

[2:45] Training Recommendations

[3:00] Sneaky training tip

*[4:30] Knowing when to say NO

[6:30] Managing checks & balances

[7:45] Skills to develop to get promoted

[9:30] Building your business

[11:00] Standing out to management

[15:30] Morning habits

[17:15] Weekly planning

[18:30] Annual planning

[20:30] Tracking activity

[23:00] More advise to younger self