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Big win story: How a single question increased sales by $1.6M.

Victor Espino has been a high tech sales rep since 1997. He has held individual contributor roles as well as sales management roles. His diverse experience has lead him to insightful conclusions that he shares in this conversation.

Also in this episode, Victor goes into details of a $1.6M deal, and how we went from the bottom of the totem pole to a top rep at SAP.

Victor also shares some practical strategies including:

  • How to land and expand
  • The cash and prizes of a big win
  • Valuable tools, books and resources every rep should leverage

If you only have five minutes, this is a must hear:

*[6:30] Big win story – A simple question that took a deal from $50K to $1.6M

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Show notes:

[5:20] Asking for what you want

*[6:30] Big win story – A simple question that took a deal from $50K to $1.6M

[14:27] How the big win effected his year (so good!)

[22:00] Prospecting: Start Up vs Enterprise approach

[28:00] Critical sales tools

[40:00] Advice to younger self

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